Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, renowned for its fascinating cities, beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage. It’s here, that African and European cultures combined to create the music & dance forms that lie at the heart of salsa. On your Dance Cuba! holiday, you’ll explore the full range of Cuban dance music, from traditional son and rumba, to timba – the exciting sound of contemporary Cuban salsa.

Cuba’s capital is one of the most captivating and diverse cities in the world, where attractive cobbled streets, stunning colonial architecture and classic cars compliment all the trappings of a modern city. On your Dance Cuba! holiday, you’ll soak up all the sights and sounds of present-day Havana, including it’s thrilling night-life.

Typical activities during our stay in Havana include: a walking tour of La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), exhilarating salsa matinees, a chance to shop at the craft market, a relaxing trip to the beach, an aromatic tour of a cigar factory, a live street rumba show, and a visit to La Cabaña Fortress, to witness the ceremonial firing of the canons.

Most evenings, we’ll visit restaurants and paladars (small family-run restaurants), before hitting the city’s clubs, to dance, see shows and of course, enjoy the fantastic live music that is such an integral part of Cuban life. Music really is everywhere you go! There’ll also be a party at the house of one of our Cuban friends, where you’ll get the chance to sample real Cuban hospitality.


Guarded by the castle of San Pedro del Morro, lying in a partly submerged valley of the Sierra Maestra mountain range is Santiago, Cuba’s hot, musical second city. Declared a national hero city in recognition of its decisive participation in the struggle for independence, the city remains at the cradle of the Cuban revolution. Away from the city, you’ll discover lush countryside and delightful beaches, with a truly Caribbean flavour.

Typical activities during our stay in Santiago de Cuba include: a visit to the Morro Castle, an Afro-Cuban dance show, a rum tasting session, a stroll around the historic colonial centre of Santiago, enjoying the bands at the Casa de la Trova (the birthplace of Son), a trip to see the Tropicana cabaret, a salsa party on a catamaran and a walk to a secluded waterfall. There are also water sports, motorbikes for hire and horse riding available at the resort.

Since all our food and drink is included at the Sierra Mar, most of our meals will be in the resort restaurant, but we’ll also visit a couple of our favourite restaurants in the city. As well as enjoying the eating and drinking facilities at the Sierra Mar (Be careful not to challenge the staff at the Lobby Bar on the strength of their cocktails or you could be in for a heavy night!), we’ll make several visits to Santiago City Centre to soak up the charismatic nightlife.


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